WorkPlace Big Five Profile™


We never stop evolving. Every day our team is on a mission to improve Paradigm Personality Labs’ effectiveness by creating new assessments and tools. We are determined to grow opportunities for individuals and groups and to understand and align their personalities at work and school. Our people-centered approach is holistic, grounded in science and outcome-focused.

Thirty years ago, our co-founder Dr. Pierce Howard came across the Five-Factor Model while researching his first book, Owner’s Manual for the Brain. Ever since then we have been passionate about the Five-Factor Model’s power to effect positive change for everyone who uses it.

Pierce and Jane Howard wrote an article about using the Big Five in the workplace, “Buddy, Can You Paradigm?” that was published in T+D, the Association for Talent Development’s trade journal (September 1995). It was the first time the Five-Factor Model was mentioned in a trade journal article. It described the psychology community’s shift to focus on five major personality traits, rather than four, and how they can be applied to organizations. The Five-Factor Model—also known as the Big Five has become the gold standard in personality measurement and is now used by psychologists across the globe.

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