Do you always jump into training program design and delivery without conducting a TNA?

You will be amazed by how taking TNA seriously can greatly improve training effectiveness.

According to the research conducted by Association for Talent Development (ATD), a well-conducted TNA brings these benefits to an organization:

  1.  Identifying performance gap
  2. Aligning training with organizational objectives
  3. Reducing the risk of training failure


However, it is also common that the following challenges arises when conducting TNA:

  1. Stakeholders believe they already know organizational and training needs
  2. Extensive time to get buy-in and administer the analysis
  3. Difficulty in extracting relevant data and information

That’s why our team is here to support your Training Needs Assessment (TNA) to save time and effort. Leveraging our consultancy experience, our team will facilitate the process of conducting TNA, attaining the TNA benefits efficiently. With our expertise, you could expect:

  • Benchmark with international standards
  • Superb research and analytics from a third party
  • Save time and cost for TNA
  • Connect Learning & Development with business results


How we conduct TNA?
  • Industry research
  • Survey
  • Focus group interview
  • Task analysis


What you will gain?
  • Industry-wide future development & insights
  • Skill gaps for organization future direction
  • Justification of L&D programs & ROI
  • Improve training plan & delivery