The Exchange

The Exchange challenges participants to work together within an environment of complex data, ambiguity, and time pressure. Each participant is a member of a team that earns points by trading Combos. The Combos are formed by assembling colored medallions into predefined groupings. The Combos have an initial value as well as emerging values and liabilities. The assignment is to collect as many points as possible by trading Combos over four trading sessions. To succeed, participants must engage in critical thinking, work effectively with their colleagues, mine available data, recognize emerging trends, maintain flexibility, and act decisively.


Training Topics Recommended:

  • Influencing Skills (with Influence Style Indicator)
  • Teambuilding
  • Leadership Development
  • Business Acumen


  • Creates awareness of team’s biases toward reactive versus innovative change
  • Reveals a group’s ability to work effectively in a dynamic and evolving environment
  • Highlights the need for efficient and effective decision-making processes
  • Examines the impact of risk and uncertainty on strategy and execution



  • Phase 1: PREPARATION
    The team gets themselves familiar with the trading rules and trading combos, getting themselves ready for the simulation challenge.
  • Phase 2: TRADING
    During each trading session, market intelligence report will be provided. This report provides values of different trading combos. Participants will anticipate demand and maximize their points in this phase.
  • Phase 3: DEBRIEFING
    Facilitators will guide the participants to review the simulation through a specific set of debriefing questions, exploring key learning and insights from the experience.
    In this phase, the team will discuss their potential areas for improvements. They are free to suggest improvement plan for team success.


  • Participants learn by doing and experiencing
  • The process is definitely fun and enjoyable
  • Solid learning takeaways supported with assessment and learning toolkit


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