Points of You

Points of You® – The Coaching Game

What is Points of You®?

Points of You® was created by Yaron Golan and Efrat Shani. It is made up of different sets of tools that equip you with powerful communication skills with ease while gaining experience as a coach. The tools are used globally. The first set of tools, named “the Coaching Game”, was born in 2007. It was developed with 6-year efforts. Yaron and Efrat developed the tools through encountering people, sharing experiences, reading many books, attending seminars and therapies.



  • Explore and express inner thoughts and feelings
  • Inspire us to see things differently
  • Unexpected but precise message
  • Leverage your professional skills in facilitation, coaching and counselling



We believe that personal and professional growth begins with pausing for reflection. Our method enables you to take a step back from your daily routine and look at various issues from different perspectives.



Expand your professional toolkit and introduce an intuitive catalyst into your work processes. Explore our creative games, journals, planners.



Our training programs are guaranteed to engage, inspire and be interactive. Learn new ways to utilize visual stimuli and experiential learning methods into your one-on-one and group sessions.