“Coaching X Assessment X Performance Management”

In addition to the famous GROW model in coaching, we add a range of selected tools and models to create an integrated, impactful coaching approach for leadership development:


“Engage Employees; Improve Performance”

Client Testimonial:

“The investment in coaching proved its value in our Leadership Development Program. We are happy to see that our leaders grew a lot from it. They were able to implement what they discovered about themselves into becoming better leaders with learned management skills for their team. I hope to see more of our managers joining this coaching program, embracing the same mindset to lead our team to success, working towards a better workplace with love.”
– Senior L&D Manager, Global Skincare Company
“I’m glad to see my change in the right direction as a leader. The coach diagnosed my coaching needs and blind spots professionally. The personality assessment and 360 feedback shed light on key aspects of my leadership. I’ve made  changes and turned them into daily habits to improve my work and life.”
– Production Director, World’s largest pharmaceutical company


You are a great Coach! You were so encouraging to me and saw the potential in me, which I do not see in myself.


The coaching has helped me improve my communication and presentation skills. With the proper coach and continual practice, these skills are becoming a part of my daily behaviours. This is important in my role as a partner.


Great pleasure to have you as a coach . Your suggestions and insights have provided me a guiding principle going forward in my career.


Thank you for your coaching and sharing. Looking back, I really treasured our hours discussing on leadership and development as I have learnt a lot.