Leader Talent Development


DistincTions Asia’s approach to Leadership Development can be summed up in 3 factors:


Self-Awareness – A successful leader must, before anything else, first understand himself/herself. Then he/she can seek to understand others. Leadership development is individualistic. Each person has to first discover his/her strengths and weaknesses in leadership skills before working to close the gaps. This self-discovery process usually takes place through assessment tools like personality profiles and 360 multi-rater exercises.


Blended Learning – This solution combines various forms of development: Assessments, Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Self-Reflection.


Application Coaching – All skills and knowledge learnt during training can only yield a return on investment if there is sufficient application and practice. To encourage practice and application, each leader needs coaching for support and accountability. The workshops can only impart the skills and knowledge. Subsequent one-on-one coaching will entrench the use of the skills and knowledge.




DistincTions’ approach to leadership is based on the premise that leadership is a set of desired behaviours that would lead the leader to achieve results through others.


The model used by DistincTions has been proven and consists of 5 phases that must occur for any change to take root: