DISC Personality System




For many years, successful organizations have relied upon a tool called “DISC” to help identify the behavioral types in an organization. DISC describes the four basic elements of human behavior as: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. The basis for DISC began as early as 400BC, when Hippocrates observed clear and consistent similarities and differences in the way people interact. We still rely upon observable behavior to better understand and enhance our relationships.

DISC has a universal language all its own, that explains behavior and emotions. DISC is based on factors that transcend gender, race and culture, but the four major components can easily be explained. All people exhibit these behavioral characteristics to one degree or another, regardless of their background.


What is DISC?

The key to DISC is discovering the intensity a person brings to four areas of behavior:

Dominance: How you approach problems and challenges

Influence: How you interact and influence people

Steadiness: How you respond to change and levels of activity

Compliance: How you respond to rules and regulations.

The Dominance factor, for example, does not measure whether or not a person can solve problems, but rather measures how the person goes about solving problems and challenges. Once you have developed a heightened awareness of your DISC style, you can begin to consciously control your behavior and communication style. For example, if you are the type of person who knows tight deadlines stress you out-you might take extra care to timeline complex projects. Or if you are dealing with a manager who is very “bottom-line” oriented-you would want to come prepared to talk results and stick to business.


The Organizational Benefits

DISC helps people to:

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Establish goals that benefit individuals and organizations
  • Forge long-term mentoring relationships
  • Establish realistic milestones for performance and skills enhancement
  • Identify obstacles and problem areas that may be adversely affecting progress
  • Generate alternatives and actions plans to overcome problems
  • Form effective teams

The DISC process can provide employees from different branches and teams within an organization the opportunity to meet, learn about each other and learn more about how to build important working relationships throughout the organization.

Put quite simply, if you are relying upon resumes alone to identify and cultivate the human assets in your organization, you are using only half of the compass to guide your organization. DISC helps uncover potential gold mines and trouble areas in an organization in a constructive, non-threatening way that encourages employee participation.

Developed by The Institute for Motivational Living, based in Pennsylvania, U.S.A, is a training and publishing company designed to help people communicate better and work together more effectively. The Institute trains and certifies individuals in product usage with their behavior analysis course, Introduction to Behavioral Analysis. This training course provides the expertise to consultants, entrepreneurs, business managers, pastors and counselors in the use of the DISC Personality System and other behavioral assessment profiles for use in team building, career planning, hiring, conflict resolutions, family counseling, personal counseling, marriage counseling and executive coaching. This course and the others The Institute offers are designed to teach you to apply the concepts of DISC in your business and daily life.


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