"How to embrace, navigate and master CHANGE is an art. Be a CHANGE NAVIGATOR program widens my horizon towards Change Management. The program is pragmatic and the trainers, Fred and Simon are excellent and professional in engaging learners and linking up the models with the needs of participants. I would like to express my sincere thank and appreciation to the team in Distinctions Asia. Thank you very much!"

Ivan Chan

"Leading Change is a popular subject matter and somehow organizations prefer those who talk about and drive change. The rest who are more pragmatic or conservative are looked down upon. Use of the CSI has opened a healthy debate in the team on the value of the different preferences of the team members. Senior leaders are able to become more adept at leading change by leveraging and meeting the followers where they are on the change preference continuum. Great tool to use and simple to understand and implement."

Pradeep Dutt, India

"I have engaged Distinctions Asia on DISC program that blends into my Company's employee development plan. It has been very rewarding and a satisfying experience for all participants as the engagement level during the sessions are very satisfactory with great feedback. The trainers have been able to grab and hold the attention of participants making the sessions fruitful as well as fun and energizing through active group activities participation. I'm truly impressed by how the trainers communicate and bring the participants out of their shell to achieve the end results."

Jo Lee

"DISC profiling and TTT skill are key concepts that I have learnt."

Elisa Ngan

"I would like to say thank you to George as I really enjoyed the training (on setting up the structured mentoring process). It gives me a lot of insights of the Mentoring Programme. It's an informative and practical course. Thanks again, George."

Catherine Lee

“George is very well versed in this subject on mentoring ….An expert who is willing to share… Mr Quek has done a great job in delivering the essence of the course to the participants.”

“The notes are very well-organised, useful and practical. George is knowledgeable in mentoring, and able to share actual life examples.”

“George Quek relates very well; has excellent interpersonal skills; is an expert on mentoring.”

“The trainer (George) provides a very systematic and practical approach to mentoring, with case studies and detailed analyses. A very useful course.”

“Overall a very good, practical, informative hands-on mentoring program. Able to turn a dull subject into an interesting one.”

“The workshop is great and I definitely picked up practical skills and knowledge on the mentoring process. I am sure we can run a successful program in Colliers. “

Patricia Ng

"The program has given me a thorough understanding of the formal mentoring process. Particularly useful was the sharing of practice of the companies you (George) worked with and also the actual sample of memos and checklist. This will speed up the process on our kick-off."

"Thank you for your support. I've received positive feedback from the General Managers that they find the mentoring skills program very useful."

Danny Toh

“I thoroughly enjoyed George's program on formal mentoring and had one of the best experience from this class in terms of free flowing exchanges of views.”

“Practical mentoring tools provided.”